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garnetdagger's Journal

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I am the Warrior of the azurelunatic set. I got my name from the kickass bitch princess in Final Fantasy 9.

Who are we?
azurelunatic (Azz, 'Ni), the main set and the usual front.
garnetdagger (Garnet or Dagger), me.
Marah, one of the girls.
N%, the other one of the girls.

Why do we exist?
Back in the early 1980s, our mother saw fit to enroll us in school under our legal name, rather than our use-name. School required an utterly different set of personality traits than home was, for school was an utterly different culture. It was simplest to subdivide, since each bundle of traits answered to a different name. We were aware that multiplicity existed as of roughly 1992 or 1993; when our depression hit with a vengeance in 1994, the mental organization that we'd played with before solidified and became literally life-saving.

If you mess with any of us, you're likely to get to talk to me. I do not play nice. I do not play favorites with anyone, inside or outside the Collective. I do protect my own. If you're one of my own, you'll likely know it. Just because 'Ni puts up with you does not mean that I will.