If you've shown up here from suggestions, wondering who the heck I am, anyway -- yes, I'm azurelunatic in her test/alternate account. (The original purpose for this account was not for testing, but since the original purpose is mostly obsolete, here we are.)

Why am I using this account to post so many suggestions?

The plain truth of it is, I'm inherently distractable and lazy, and I don't want to a) wait until the suggestions moderation queue is clear to submit an entry, b) have to clear out all the pending items from the queue every time I want to make a suggestion, or c) jump the queue, because that's not entirely fair if it's not a Maintainer Statement, and it makes for problems when trying to go through the entries using prev/next later.

See, there's a little quirk with maintainers of moderated communities: no matter whether they have the "post unmoderated" checkbox ticked or not, they are still forced to post unmoderated. I have a suggestion in about that, and it's a little pet peeve on my list of things I really wish the devs would just go ahead and fix already.

To get around that, I use this account. I'd rather use my main account, but what can you do?

Not dead, precisely.

Work has been busy, and the Collective's been shifted around some. Shanna might be coming back. Figment isn't a bondmate anymore. We're polyfi to Darkside unless he releases us, and I don't think him likely to.

Systems report

Everything's decent. Blue has apologized and restored E%, which is good. For her part, E%'s more a part of the system than she was; she has more of their traits and does not conflict now.

Work is going well. Mr. Bitter is not there, and King of Birdbrains is not there. Both of them made me want to hit them. I don't think I currently want to hit anyone at work except for the young man who was mouthing off to our friend with the long hair and the blue-green shirt. And he can be dealt with just by mouth. We do look taller than him when it is me, and it is not good for someone I could break in half to get in my face, so I do not think he will.

The rather clueless broad and I do not intersect. She has damped down the broadcast and is not a threat, though she is still a loose cannon and someone else must eventually give her clue or shut her down so that she does not cause interference. It is fortunate that this job is not a stressful one for her, or we would all be going nuts around her.

I wanted to give that bleach-blond horror at writing group the time of day, and rather a bit more, but I was restrained. It seems the center has policies, or so they think -- and they do not want my mouth to make all of us get kicked out. Though the horror deserved it more.

The little Catholic cafe they go to is nice, and safe. No skeezy waiters macking.

Writing group

Marah talking:

So there was this chick at writing group, right? New chick, the one with the fairly little kid. Three, she said.

She doesn't want to write. She has the stories to tell and she wants someone else to write for her. Um, erk? I thought the whole point of writing group was, you know, WRITING. I think she's one of the ones who needs therapy more than she needs the writing group,and I don't think she's going to keep coming back unless she starts having writing of her own to show up with.

Maybe she and that other chick will meet and hit it off and maybe we won't see either of them ever again. That other chick is the one I think is mental, with the little makeup case.
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I think we may well spend, if necessary, another four years in school for another degree, so that Bushface will be out of office for sure by the time we're out.

That'll also give us some time to get in shape.

I'm thinking that really, the military is the logical choice. Student loans are yicky, and I'm comfortable with orders and structure.

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Of course I'd swear fealty to him. But until that day, and even after, I'm going to tell him exactly how it is, especially if he fucks up.


Didn't mean to scare the poor guy like that. Wish he hadn't had to deal with that psycho bitch person. Gives honest systems like us a bad rep. That's not fun to deal with. And if we're going to be doing learning stuff with him, then naturally more of us are going to be coming out and getting to know him.

Pretty sure he's already interacted with some bits of Naomi over computergeekery. By the way, dear, I think it's about time we dropped the nickname; she's not that fragile anymore after class.

Threat rating from him: near to zero. He would be dangerous, potentially, if he were an enemy, but he's not, so he'll be someone good to have at our back.