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Writing group

Marah talking:

So there was this chick at writing group, right? New chick, the one with the fairly little kid. Three, she said.

She doesn't want to write. She has the stories to tell and she wants someone else to write for her. Um, erk? I thought the whole point of writing group was, you know, WRITING. I think she's one of the ones who needs therapy more than she needs the writing group,and I don't think she's going to keep coming back unless she starts having writing of her own to show up with.

Maybe she and that other chick will meet and hit it off and maybe we won't see either of them ever again. That other chick is the one I think is mental, with the little makeup case.
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Deleted comment

How to get a job with one? Relatively easy.
1. Find a phone survey company.
2. Find out when they're hiring.
3. Show up and have a good phone voice, know how to spell, and be willing to work.

Good luck!
This comment has nothing at all to do with your entry today. I just wanted to let you know that I'm a friend of Nali's and she sent me all the links to read about her Beastling saga. I just wanted to say 1) Bravo...loved all your comments, especially the ones where you corrected his grammar. Priceless. 2) You helped me correct MY grammar!! Amazing, huh? Almost two years later and your grammar lessons are still being used. :) I had used "baited breath" instead of "bated breath" in a post I wrote earlier today. 3) You actually made most of his comments READABLE for me. :)

Thanks again!
I'm glad to have helped. And his writing really was atrocious. Sarcasm may be, in theory, the crutch of the weak-witted, but really, it's the crutch that allows us to deal with the weak-witted.