Dagger (garnetdagger) wrote,

Security summary

School's going well. No one's about to fry out from that, at least yet.

Need to speak with Darkside soon, as the defenses that depend upon him are weakening. Once a week is sufficient, but much past that, and there start to be holes opening up. Feeling the love through the connection is how she wards off depression, but she's not good at sensing him if she hasn't gotten to sense him lately and know that's him, otherwise she wonders if she's making it all up, and may in fact start trying to generate stuff that feels like it's from him, and that's not good, see subject "Shawn".

Naomi should not babysit. The little squirt was behaving just fine, but she gets all snappish with him because he interrupts her programmingtrance. And she has a very disruptable programmingtrance when he's around.

That's all for now. I guess we're backing off on the custody issue.
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