Dagger (garnetdagger) wrote,

Asses We'd Like to Kick

Prank callers preying on the general paranoia surrounding the war should be arrested as terrorists or accomplices to terrorists.

If the system's going to get abused anyway, let's abuse this fucker for all it's worth.
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prank callers preying on misguided, underinformed nationalists should get medals.
High school shithead prank callers preying on teenage girls in the freak/outcast category who wish the war would stop already should get their punk asses kicked.
aahhh...so now the generalism recedes into a specific.

regardless, pranksters, jokers and hooligans cosntantly serve an important purpose, even now; to shock people out of the media-conditioned pall that has settled over this Nation of Fear.
Pranksters who deliberately exploit and augment the fear for the purpose of causing more fear? What, pray tell, is their purpose?
to remind people that it's far more rediculous and comical that it appears when you look at the broader scale. To demonstrait, through hyperbole, the message that's written in letters too big to read, to attack and prod the patches in the collective unconscious that are taking things -way- too seriously. To interact with a particular vibration of consciousness that is monopolized by media thought conditioning, and to get it's attention the only way that has been left to it.

I'm sorry, i know this seems a bit crazy, and i'm going off on a tangent that you take personally with no preface or introduction, and for that I apologize.
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